With the MyIdentification global web-platform we offer a broad set of global cloud-based services including IoT connectivity, tracking and tracing, workflow  processing, asset & inventory control, maintenance & repair activities, and analytics.

All our solutions are based on the latest encrypted and secure technologies. MyIdentification operates at the front of the market in ID-technology, process technology, communication, data-integration and user interfaces solutions.

Our Logistics Apps work with Barcode, QR and RFID technology and support Logistics 4.0  or smart end-to-end logistics.

     Shipping (dock) App for consolidation, manifesting, planning and dispatch

    Transport App for milestone collection

    Container and trailer Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) App

    Linehaul module App for smart loading operations

mi-asset   Asset Intelligence Module App for smart Management of company assets (Asset-As-A-Service)

e.g. Allowing maintenance teams monitor asset conditions in real time, from preventative to predictive, maximizing performance and lifetime of assets.

mi-count   MRO Module App to measure asset usage. The App gives immediate, actionable and trusty data on metrics  that are important to the business.

e.g. Inventory accuracy, completeness, asset service, lifecycle, asset consumed license etc.

mi-track   Visibility Module App for location and location history of assets or transport.

Key features include viewing real-time asset and inventory levels, track the movement of assets at multiple locations.

mi-trace  In-house / local site App for asset tracing.

mi-pick-(2)  Supply chain Picking Module App for effortlessly order picking at the warehouse. It handles primary logistics transactions in a very user-friendly way that will bring logistics to a higher level

mi-stock Supply chain stock module App manages different Stock Levels which are required for an effective and efficient control of assets and to avoid over and under-stocking of assets.

mi-temp sensor reading module App that reads temperature measurements and connect reliable data automatically to assets and/or transportation. Easily check correct temperature at all times that meet required standards for food and chemical products.