About Us

MyIdentification is a technology company that develops and markets solutions in Internet of Things (IoT). At MyIdentification, we want to connect objects real-time to the cloud and digitalize processes to drive excellence and customer value. Throughout the history of business, people use data to make more informed decisions. We make objects smarter, track them and integrate collected real-time data in day-2-day processes. We use analytics and visualization to make our customers more efficient.

MyIdentification main office in Venlo, the Netherlands

MyIdentification is a private owned company in the Netherlands. In 2013 established by its 2 founders Mr. de Valk and Ms. de Rooij.

Started in the aerospace sector, MyIdentification operates in the logistics, chemicals, energy, automotive and engineering & manufacturing industry sectors across the globe.

Lately MyIdentification enforced it structures in the USA and opened a branch office in Brasil to support growth.